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    Science Applied to Design

    Level . 04

    The aim of this unit is to provide you with basic theory and knowledge applied to 21st century design. The unit is taught thematically and will enable you to interpret phenomena, languages, technologies and measuring tools, which are useful to the integration of design thinking.
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    Design & Creative Theory

    Level . 04

    This unit examines the importance and use of design and creativity in artistic and professional practice and will look at the theory, history and practices commonly associated with creativity and design.
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    Visual Language

    Level . 04

    This unit develops an understanding of visual language as it is used in design practice and theory. It provides a theoretical foundation of knowledge that underpins visual communication.
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    Nivel . 04

    This unit will provide you with knowledge of economics related to the creative industries, along with a methodological framework of business models.
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    Product Design

    Level . 05

    This unit will introduce you to the principles of Product Design and will provide you with skills to develop successful commercial and non-commercial products, while at the same time identifying the role of creative experimentation and critical evaluation.