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MA Marketing - Presentation I Apresentação I Presentación - 22 & 23.09.2021

Sara Petiz
MA Marketing - Presentation I Apresentação I Presentación - 22 & 23.09.2021
by Sara Petiz - Monday, 20 September 2021, 12:42 PM

It is scheduled for September 22nd and 23rd, the final Project Presentations, from the following MA Marketing students (London Time):

22 September

  • 14h00 - MoyosoreOluwa Odunfa - The Historical Portrayal of Nigerian Cuisine. [Language: EN]
  • 14h40 - Kemal Onur Güngör - Smooth Communication on Project Management: Their impacts on project success and effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. [Language: EN]
  • 15h30 - Syed Hashim Yusuf - The growing usage of football in the UK as a marketing theme. [Language: EN]
  • 16h10 - Mohsin Mohammed - E-sports/Video Games as a 21st Century Marketing Platform. [Language: EN]
  • 17h00 - Simeon Stefanov - What are the most effective ways of using marketing to control the spread of misinformation on social media in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic? [Language: EN]

23 September

  • 14h00 - Pik Yin Chu - Managing Brand Equity through Social Media Marketing for an online apparel store in Hong Kong.[Language: EN]
  • 14h40 - Amanda de Castro - Levering social media when marketing luxury brands to increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, and loyalty. [Language: EN]
  • 15h30 - Liliana Endara - Marketing plan for online sales of sports equipment and technology in Quito to start a physical activity. [Language: ES]
  • 16h10 - Maria Martins - Cultural marketing: local government communication strategies. [Language: PT]
  • 17h00 - Ghazal Zandieh - Marketing through Influencers: Possibilities and limitations of influencer marketing in the personal development sector. [Language: EN] 

Those interested in attending please contact the Tutor Centre - Marketing (