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MA Design - Presentation I Apresentação I Presentación - 30.09.2021

Sara Petiz
MA Design - Presentation I Apresentação I Presentación - 30.09.2021
by Sara Petiz - Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 11:21 AM

It is scheduled for September 30th, the final Project Presentations, from the following MA Design students (London Time):

  • 08h30 - Ivan Warbanski - Navigation features for in-vehicle user interfaces which are specific for Japan. [Language: EN]
  • 09h00 - Rashmi Lakhapate - Signages as a design tool during and post pandemic for behavioral change in public health. [Language: EN]
  • 09h30 - Vanitha Sushma - A study on taxpayers' behaviour and challenges faced in India. [Language: EN]
  • 10h00 - Juan Suarez - Local Visuals Designs in Latin America. [Language: EN] 
  • 10h30 - Rhea Naresh Jhaveri - Thinking out of the box - food and beverage packaging redesigned to showcase them in their most authentic form. [Language: EN]
  • 11h00 - Mitchell Acreman - Designing movie covers, by analysing gender inequality in film and applying equal protagonist roles to original stories.[Language: EN]
  • 11h30 - Irina Mititica - Gender bias in web and software design. [Language: EN]
  • 12h00 - Eric Norman Espig - Designing to Decommodify a Persian Carpet. [Language: EN]
  • 14h00 - Rémy André Bols - Apply simplification in everyday objects. [Language: EN]
  • 14h30 - Romain Deschuytere - How can visual identity of a local restaurant influence the consumer? Creation and testing of a visual identity for a restaurant. [Language: EN] 
  • 15h00 - Ahmed Martinez - Design and application of Augmented Reality in the design of book covers for basic education. [Language: ES] 
  • 16h00 - Lucas Pena - DIGITAL50 a new grotesk type experiment - The importance of the authorial creative process in typographic design. [Language: PT] 
  • 16h30 - Vera Ribeiro - Creativity: A guide to success for students in higher education. [Language: PT] 
  • 17h00 - Alberto Rossi - Augmented Design - How AI is shaping new "Superdesigners”. [Language: EN] 
  • 17h30 - Arantxa Rivera - Storytelling as a didactic tool for university teachers design for online training. [Language: ES] 
  • 18h30 - Liane Membis - Pixel Perfect: How User Experience Design Impacts Readership and Revenue for Online Media Publications. [Language: EN] 

Those interested in attending please contact the Tutor Centre - Design (