Advanced Design Lab - Overview


unit level UNIT LEVEL


duration DURATION

16 Weeks

credit value CREDIT VALUE


total learning hours TOTAL LEARNING HOURS

300 hours

languages LANGUAGES

 temasLEARNING OUTCOMES On satisfactory completion of the unit, you will be able to:
  • Conduct a practical design project in making connections between intention, process, outcome, context and methods of dissemination.
  • Critically evaluate and synthesise previous experience with new knowledge to generate creative and original solutions to design processes.
  • Assess the rigour and validity of the theory and research and apply it in practical actions.
 temasWEEKLY TOPICS Week 1 - Selecting a context for design-led intervention
Week 2 - Setting our field
Week 3 - Making a Plan
Week 4 - Mapping stakeholders
Week 5 - Stating the problem
Week 6 - Becoming socially relevant
Week 7 - Engaging emotionally and wearing different hats
Week 8 - Strategising for the environment
Week 9 - (Re) Determining the Challenge
Week 10 - Considering user needs and requirements
Week 11 - Building Analogies and Metaphors
Week 12 - Develop for User Experience
Week 13 - Thinking with hands
Week 14 - Making and assessing Prototypes
Week 15 - Preparing for delivery

languages ASSESSMENT

100% Portfolio

how to win the badge HOW TO WIN THE BADGE

Complete all unit activities
Finish the unit with a mark of 50% or more

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