Design Innovation - Overview


start date icon UNIT LEVEL


start date icon DURATION

16 Weeks

credit value icon CREDIT VALUE


total learning hours icon TOTAL LEARNING HOURS

300 hours

languages icon LANGUAGES


On satisfactory completion of the unit, you will be able to: 

  • LO1 Demonstrate advanced knowledge of specialist technical and practical aspects of design ideation and professional concerns relevant to your practice of design. 
  • LO2 Critically reflect on technical and practical knowledge and evaluate the rigour and validity in the development of your design proposal. 
  • LO3 Demonstrate how your professional practice or research relates to design and evaluate how this informs new or revised approaches to your creative design practice. 
  • LO4 Communicate the innovation strategy created with the application of the contents included in this course.

temasWEEKLY TOPICS Week 1 - Introduction to Design Innovation
Week 2 - Consumer Cultures and Subcultures
Week 3 - Postmodern Consumer and Segment markets
Week 4 - Lifestyle and Trends
Week 5 - Research: Empathy and Ethnography tools
Week 6 - Ideation
Week 7 - Co-creation and user-centred innovation
Week 8 - Product Development
Week 9 - Nature, Technology and Design
Week 10 - Environmental and Sustainable Design
Week 11 - Supply Chain and Fair Trade
Week 12 - Innovation Culture
Week 13 - Business Design
Week 14 - Storytelling
Week 15 - Project Portfolio
Week 16 - Assessment 

how to pass the unit icon ASSESSMENT

80% Portfolio (Week 16)
20% Pre-recorded presentation (Week 16)

unit level icon HOW TO WIN THE BADGE

Complete all unit activities
Finish the unit with a grade > 50%
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