Strategic Marketing - Unit Overview


unit level UNIT LEVEL


duration DURATION

16 Weeks

credit value CREDIT VALUE


total learning hours TOTAL LEARNING HOURS

200 hours

languages LANGUAGES



On satisfactory completion of the unit, you will be able to:
  • LO1 Understand the place and contribution of marketing to the overall management of an organisation, and critically evaluate the marketing function and the role it plays in achieving organisational success both in commercial and non-commercial settings and in supporting the sustainable growth of the global economy and society.
  • LO2 Apply key marketing theories and analytical tools to systematically analyse the external environment and internal capabilities of an organisation as well as to recognise promising business opportunities and identify the most cost-effective ways for growth.
  • LO3 Identify and analyse market-related problems and select strategies or create processes to solve them. Think strategically about marketing issues and develop the most suitable plan of action. demonstrating innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • LO4 Demonstrate the necessary skills of leadership, communication and control to lead efficient implementation of marketing strategies and to take responsibility for corrective actions, if and when necessary.
 temasWEEKLY TOPICS Week 1 - Basic Concepts of Marketing
Week 2 - Marketing Management Essentials
Week 3 - Environmental Analysis
Week 4 - Customer Analysis
Week 5 - Competitor Analysis
Week 6 - Portfolio Analysis and Forecasting
Week 7 -  Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies 
Week 8 - Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Week 9 - Competing through Innovation and Product Strategy
Week 10 - Competing through Pricing and Distribution Strategy
Week 11 - Competing through Communication Strategy
Week 12 - Competing through Digital Communication
Week 13 - Competing through Superior Customer Service and Customer Relationships
Week 14 - Competing through Corporate Social Responsibility
Week 15 - Implementing the Strategy
Week 16 - Assessment

how to pass the unit ASSESSMENT

25% Written Exam 
75% Marketing Portfolio

how to win the badge HOW TO WIN THE BADGE

Complete all unit activities
Finish the unit with a grade > 50%

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