Research Methods - Overview


unit level UNIT LEVEL


duration DURATION

16 Weeks

credit value CREDIT VALUE


total learning hours TOTAL LEARNING HOURS

200 hours

languages LANGUAGES


On satisfactory completion of the unit, you will be able to: 

  • LO1 Demonstrate your ability to show originality, insight and critical reflection in a resolved project, based on your marketing research, analysis and summarization of qualitative and quantitative research instruments. 
  • LO2 Demonstrate critical awareness of current issues in marketing management through research, and by identifying creative approaches to practise in written and visual form. 
  • LO3 Apply relevant marketing theories and research methods to a practical scenario.

 temasWEEKLY TOPICS Week 1 - Introduction to research
Week 2 - Understanding research philosophies and methods
Week 3 - Formulating the research topic and research goals (part 1)
Week 4 - Formulating the research topic and research goals (part 2)
Week 5 - Critically reviewing the literature (part 1)
Week 6 - Critically reviewing the literature (part 2)
Week 7 - Research Methodology
Week 8 - Sampling
Week 9 - Using secondary data & collecting primary data
Week 10 - Collecting primary data: Observation & Interviews
Week 11 - Collecting primary data: Surveys
Week 12 - Analysing qualitative data
Week 13 - Analysing quantitative data
Week 14 - Analysing quantitative data 
Week 15 - New and emerging research methods & Guidelines for Final Research Project

how to pass the unit ASSESSMENT

70% Research proposal
30% Research case study

how to win the badge HOW TO WIN THE BADGE

Complete all unit activities
Finish the unit with a grade > 40%
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