Trend Forecasting and Analytics - Overview


unit level UNIT LEVEL


duration DURATION

16 Weeks

credit value CREDIT VALUE


total learning hours TOTAL LEARNING HOURS

300 hours

languages LANGUAGES


On satisfactory completion of the unit, you will be able to: 

  • LO1 Analyse and critically evaluate trend developments and develop informed insights through the application and evaluation of new alternative scenarios. 
  • LO2 Identify, analyse and summarise your knowledge of megatrends and their relationship with new technologies. 
  • LO3 Demonstrate through trend and analytical research how scenario analysis impacts marketing strategies by creating an original marketing proposal with theory methods and research tools of forecasting and trend prediction.

 temasWEEKLY TOPICS Week 1 - A History of the Future
Week 2 - Thinking about the future
Week 3 - The four P's of the future
Week 4 - Overview of megatrends
Week 5 - Trends - Scenarios for 2040
Week 6 - Life-changing scientific discoveries
Week 7 - Research tools for prediction
Week 8 - The post-information age
Week 9 - Disruptive innovations and their effects
Week 10 - Ethics of futures research
Week 11 - Alternative scenarios
Week 12 - Future: an age of optimism?
Week 13 - Marketing trends and technology
Week 14 - Retail trends and forecasts
Week 15 - The business of the future

languages ASSESSMENT

70% Report
30% Video Presentation

how to win the badge HOW TO WIN THE BADGE

Complete all unit activities
Finish the unit with a grade > 40%

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