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    Design Thinking

    Level . 07

    The 'design thinking' process lies at the very core of the design activity and creative thinking. This unit introduces you to definitions and concepts of creativity and design. It allows you to explore what creativity in design is and reflects on methods of creativity and how to study people's needs. Throughout this unit you will be required to implement creative processes using various techniques connected to the development of creative skills. As a result of being exposed to various models and methods, you will acquire skills in design research, idea generation and holistic thinking to solve design briefs.
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    Advanced Design Communication

    Level . 07

    The aim of this unit is to allow you to reflect on the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary design communication. You will bring together all the key subject disciplines of design practice and develop your analytical skills while generating conceptual thinking needed to prepare for high-level professional practice. Throughout this unit we want you to realise your own creative potential and self-reliance. As this is a fast changing world of creative communication, this unit will support you to identify whether you want to work as a freelance or pursue further developments in a design corporation.
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    Research Methods

    Level . 07

    The unit will cover the main dimensions of completing research. It is expected to give you the knowledge and acumen required to understand different research approaches and skills pertinent to design practice, and enable you to complete research within the academic and professional environment.
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    Advanced Design Lab

    Nivel . 07

    The Advanced Design Lab unit is made up of 3 strands: communication design, interactive design and product design. The strands have been developed to reflect the broad nature of Design and allow for divergent and convergent thinking. You will be given the choice to explore one of these areas from the outset, dependent on your personal aims and ambitions.
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    Design Innovation

    Level . 07

    Throughout this unit we aim to develop and harness your skills in managing design and look to you as the design pioneers for strategic innovation and change. You will explore theoretical topics in areas such as innovation and creativity and we will support you with more analytical discourse such as team-working and leadership. You will observe case studies, research methodologies, presentations and design audits.