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    Strategic Marketing

    Level . 07

    Strategic Marketing examines key aspects of traditional marketing strategy combined with the presentation of a synthesis of recent thinking on the subject. The key focus of the unit is how companies create and sustain competitive advantage through the engagement of marketing strategies.
    You will learn to think strategically and to articulate different elements of the marketing strategy process, specially linking mission, vision and objectives with segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP), along with the consequent and coherent development of competitive offer to target markets.
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    Consumer Economics

    Level . 07

    This unit is focused on the discussion of economic concepts and economic theory. The unit is divided between a microeconomic dimension, with emphasis on the decision making of individual consumers and firms and macroeconomics with orientation to issues such as interest rates, government spending, and other broad economic decisions. In this unit you will use economic tools to analyse and evaluate public policies, poverty and welfare questions, inequity and other related topics.
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    Research Methods

    Level . 07

    The unit will cover the main dimensions of research practice. It is expected to give you the knowledge and acumen required to understand different research approaches and skills, and enable you to complete research within the academic and professional environment.
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    Marketing Simulator

    Level . 07

    Understanding the professional working environment is crucial for developing the knowledge and core skills in order to contribute effectively in the marketing industry. The Marketing Simulator unit will test your current skill base and enable you to begin to identify with the dynamics of marketing practice integrated in different areas of management. You will place particular emphasis on understanding the contribution of marketing in top decision making and planning.
    The overall aim of this unit is for you to experience real life working situation, because you are going to run and manage a company, competing with others students as well as professional practitioners within their field of expertise.
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    Trend Forecasting and Analytics

    Nivel . 07

    Emerging ideas and future trends are beneficial to companies seeking direction and confirmation of their product development and marketing strategies. These trends cannot be viewed in isolation to the current market environment, but rather as part of a bigger picture applicable to other areas of design and marketing. This unit will explore new trends that will shape our world and their impact on today's global market place.
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    Applied Marketing Project

    Level . 07

    The Applied Marketing Project unit runs along the whole of term 2 and term 3 and constitutes a framework for the central ideas and concepts developed throughout your MA. The project should demonstrate evidence of advanced contextual and theoretical capability over an extended period of self-directed study and will examine specific problem or opportunity of your choice, related to marketing management.